Painted Caves

Painted caves map.gif

The Painted Caves is a small dungeon that was introduced with the Mondain's Legacy expansion. It is located in the small mountain range west of Trinsic, the same range that also has the Hidden Valley.


  • Felucca & Trammel at 120-29 South 27-29 East
  • No quest or admission price to enter cave.


  • Troglodytes inhabit this cave. They are giant cavemen who have the ability to heal themselves with bandages.
  • The troglodytes also have some pet dogs and cats.
  • There is a bit of a rat and giant rat infestation as well.
  • Lurg and Grobu dwell in the back part of the cave.
  • Neither of these mini-boss monsters use magic or any other "tricks", other than Lurg's ability to heal himself with bandages like all troglodytes.
  • On Grobu's corpse you will find a Grobu's Fur.
  • Grobu is aggressive, but you lose karma if you kill him. A common tactic to get Lurg away from him is to lure him near the entrance to the cave, then run back to Lurg before Grobu can chase you.
  • Grobu and Lurg are both solo-able, but it's a pretty rough ride.
  • As do all named beasts in the UO:ML dungeons, Lurg and Grobu both give out artifacts.
  • Normal trogs drop "Primitive Fetishes," which are used in a quest.
  • A sharp eye will uncover a hidden word.

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