Fan Dancer Dojo

The Fan Dancer Dojo is a dungeon in the Tokuno Islands. The Fan Dancers, the creatures the dungeon is named for, appear as females, wielding hand-fans as weapons to great effect. As part of the Inu the Crone event cycle, the Fan Dancer Dojo - Demon House was introduced. This new area was incorporated into the pre-existing Fan Dancer Dojo. Most of the Tokuno stealables can also be found in this dungeon.



The entrance of the dungeon is located at north Isamu-Jima, at 123° N, 25° W. There are about six Fan Dancers around the entrance along with a Healer. The stairs inside the dojo will take you to the first level.

First lvel

Upon entering the dungeon, you will immediately realize from the body parts scattered around the first room that something went horribly wrong in this dojo. There are twelve Headless Ones, eight Horde Minions, seven Fan Dancers and a Daemon inside the various rooms of this level. You will eventually see some stairs that will take you to the second level.

Second level

This level consists of five rooms along a single corridor. The first room is filled with six Headless Ones, two Horde Minions and two Daemons. Two Fan Dancers wait inside the second room while a single Succubus and a Ronin wait inside the third. The last two rooms are on either side of the corridor and they are occupied with two Predator Hellcats, two Hell Hounds, a Succubus and a Daemon. The stairs at the end of the corridor will take you to the third level.

Third level

A Daemon and a Succubus welcomes you to the third level inside a large room with two corridors. There are about ten Fan Dancers scattered around this level. The first corridor to the east is connected to two large chambers. Five Horde Minions, three Headless Ones and an Oni is waiting on the first chamber while a single Balron is waiting on the second one. The second corridor is occupied with two Predator Hellcats and two Hell Hounds. At the end of this second corridor, there is a hole that can take you to the Demon House.

Monsters found in the Fan Dancer Dojo

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