Prism of Light

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The Prism of Light is a dungeon that is located on the north side of Nujel'm island. Confused and trapped within crystalline caves, the Shimmering Effusion awaits, fascinated with its own light and reflections in the bright clear water. Adventurers enter the dungeon magically through the assistance of an NPC.

Other creatures of energy and light exist within the shimmering passageways, including Wisps, Dark Wisps, and Shadow Wisps. Surrounding the Shimmering Effusion are Fetid Essences, Corporeal Brumes, and Mantra Effervescences.


  • Felucca & Trammel at 45-52 North 173-27 East (at the north end of Nujel'm island, just outside the guard zone)
  • Bring 10,000 gold to purchase an admission ticket (Accept quest and mark gold as quest item). The ticket grant Access for 12 hours real time on both facets!
  • Exit is achieved by double-clicking the ticket or, if it has expired, using the help key on your Paper Doll with the option "I am physically stuck in the game," or by defeating the Peerless.

Points of Interest

  • A good part of the dungeon is one direction only, but using the ticket gets you outside of it
  • You will find a variable teleport just before the crystal daemons cave
  • You wont be able to pass a point in the dungeon without putting crystal shards on some columns in a room
  • There is a small secure camp in one of the caves of the dungeon. There you find quest keepers, reagents sellers and healers, who will resurrect you for free.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you die and cannot easily resurrect, then run through all the dungeon to the secure camp. Let the healers resurrect you and use the ticket to get outside. Then re-enter.
  • First you enter an area that has no monsters. Its just an abandoned mine shaft. The entrance says "currently closed for emergency repairs" with a curtain in place. 2x Click the doors at the top of the curtain to gain entrance. At the end you will find two holes. Enter the left one into a new cave covered in broken crystals.
  • Walk across the floor. You have to follow a careful path through the crystals on the floor, and if you are successful you appear over the wall in the next room, with the Crystal Demons. It takes a lot of patience and trying different paths. Pay close attention to the paths that did NOT work and try new ones. You will eventually get through. But be ready to fight...those Crystal Demons can gang up quickly.
  • At the end of the Crystal Daemons room there is a hole to the Crystal Hydras area. There is also hole in the back of the Crystal Daemon room, and once you fall through you cant get back up (you can double click your ticket at any point to exit the dungeon and enter it again.)
  • The river with the Crystal Sea Serpents radiate intense cold, which damages anyone, who goes near the river. Wear an armour which protects well against cold damage, when you try to loot the corpses.
  • In the Unfrozen Mummys room there are 6 pillars. These are where you drop the keys.

Summoning Keys

  • 6 keys are needed to Summon the Shimmering Effusion
  • Keys are located on Crystal Daemons, Crystal Lattice Seekers, Crystal Vortexs, Unfrozen Mummys, Crystal Sea Serpents, and Crystal Hydras. You must accquire one key from EACH of these monsters!!
  • A common tactic to get the Hydra's key is to attack them, using an archer, from the Crystal Demon room. You have to stand in JUST the right spot and pray the demons don't notice you.
  • All keys are in the form of a crystal of some sort.
  • Ignore the Crystalline Fragments which do NOT have a timer, they are not keys but part of the quest from the NPC in the secure area or used for Crystal Dust.
  • Once you get each of the six keys you take them to the room with the protectors and place one key into each of the pillars located in a hexagon shape, three black and three white.


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The Shimmering Effusion

  • The Effusion is a crystalline entity belonging to the Fey Group
  • It hits fairly hard.
  • It summons various helpers at various points during the fight. Among these are fetid essences, which are also part of the Bedlam Champ Spawn. These are gas clouds. The number of fetid essences that spawns is in proportion to the number of people in your party. Fight them first!
  • This is not one of the more commonly done Peerlesses, due to the extreme difficulty of getting some of the keys. As is the case with The Travesty, the Peerless itself, while no pushover, is not as difficult as getting the keys.
  • One nice thing, though, is a teleportation tile to a special room with an ankh that can resurrect you. Be sure that you don't accidentally leave the dungeon, though.
  • Special loot from the Shimmering Effusion includes:


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