Yomotsu Mines

Mine entrance
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Yomotsu mines.jpg

The Yomotsu Mines are a dungeon in the Tokuno Islands facet, on the Homare-Jima island. Built and inhabited by a hostile humanoid race, the Yomotsu, the mine are well known because they are the spawn location for the famous Fire Beetle, upon which you can smelt metal ore.

Within the Mines spawn many conventional monsters, such as Earth Elementals and some other colored-ore elementals. However, there is a dangerous trio of residents: Yomotsu Elder, Yomotsu Priest, and Yomotsu Warrior. The Yomotsu are native to the Tokuno Islands. The Yomotsu Elder spawns in 2 locations within this dungeon, and effectively serve as the dungeon "boss."

Several stealable artifacts spawn here.