Palace of Paroxysmus

Palace of Paroxysmus
First Seen: August 30, 2005
Coordinates: 7°59'N 24°53'W
Facet: Felucca & Trammel
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The Palace of Paroxysmus is a dungeon located west of the city of Papua in the Lost Lands in both Felucca and Trammel. It was introduced with the Mondain's Legacy expansion. It is a fairly high-level dungeon, consisting of many hard monsters. Several quests from Heartwood will take you here.

Despite the presence of many demonic creatures within this dungeon, and despite the official fiction (as related above) that Chief Paroxysmus is a demon prince, the demon slayer type does not appear to work on him.

In order to gain entry into the Palace of Paroxysmus, must you must have an Acid Proof Rope in your bag.


The underworld lair of Chief Paroxysmus has been exposed to the surface. Minions and inhabitants of his realm are already seeping out into the world to wreak havoc and feed. Adventurers enter through a huge sinkhole and work their way through twisting passageways, traveling past deformed shapes melted into the stone by the corrosive acids that ooze through the stone cracks and flow in the venomous river to reach the palace proper. The very air of the place is acrid and tainted, making exploration deadly.

As a daemon prince, Chief Paroxysmus has Molochs, Balrons, Arcane Daemons, Succubi and Chaos Daemons under his misshapen thumb. Other lethal creatures simply enjoy the ambiance of his realm and make their homes there. These creatures include: Plague Beast Lords, Plague Beasts, Plague Spawns, Slimes, Poison Elementals, Acid Elementals, and Earth Elementals.


Points of Interest

  • The river that crosses the dungeon is of acid and dangerous.
  • The exit to the dungeon (in case you need to leave early) is not where you come in but up some stairs on the right hand side, roughly south west of the Entrance.
  • The entrances to the first room, filled with daemons and balrons, are protected by pillars that fill the air with poison.
 Acid river 1.jpg
 Tip: You can bypass this room by wading through the shallows of the acid river.
  • There is an escort quest in that room: Kodar the Lost Villager
  • The acid lake at the end and the river nearby aren't just damaging but insta-death until you have the key for crossing.
 Acid river 2.jpg
 Tip: When crossing the river, look carefully and try to walk across it where there are 'stepping stones'.
  • The cauldron for brewing the special slimy ointment is on the pillar next to the lake.
  • Paroxysmus's lair is on an island in the middle of the lake. To get to the island you have to first rub the special slimy ointment upon yourself, then wade across the lake to the gates. You can't just walk around them, you have to double-click on the gates, which teleports you inside.
  • The Gate admits only one person at a time. The next person must wait for about 30 seconds before entering. If you are part of a large party, it may take a while for everyone to enter. If you have a dexxer who uses Honor, that person should enter first.
  • When you exit Paroxysmus's lair via the moongate on his island, you will emerge in a swamp filled with Ophidians.

Summoning Keys

4 keys are needed to Summon Paroxysmus.

  • Corrosive Slimes drop the skull, torso, and legs, all of these have countdown timers.
  • Putrefier drops the "Spleen of the Putrefier". The spleen is tiny, and a dark colour, so look very carefully. He doesn't always drop it, so you may have to kill him a few times.

Chief Paroxysmus

  • You exchange the keys (see above) for an ointment at the cauldron found in the far southeast of the dungeon.
  • Rub it on yourself by double clicking. Then, walk across the acid river (which previously was an insta-death to walk across) to the island to the east of the cauldron, and double click the gate.
  • There is Chief Paroxysmus, along with his helpers, which are physically similar to Plague Beasts or Plague Beast Lords. Kill the helpers, then engage the Chief. (Please note how much the Chief resembles Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars.)
  • The island is small, take that into account when designing your tactics.
  • The fiction suggests that a demon slayer weapon should work on the Chief, but it does not.
  • Use cross-healing dexers, mages to heal and cure, and if you have archers it's best to position them close to the dexers, helping the dexers cross heal.
  • The usual archer tactics, known as "the archer dance" do not work very well, due to the Chief's ability to teleport archers to him. Archers can work, just not any better than meelee warriors.
  • A well equipped Sampire can solo him easily.
  • DO NOT USE PETS OR SUMMONS. The Chief will eat them and heal himself up to full, even from being redlined. If you have tamers in your group, have them leave their pets behind and act as mages. ONLY Ethereal Mounts are safe to use.
  • Chief Paroxysmus has a lot of health and hits hard. He has a special poison ability that will affect people in a very wide area. Mages should have arch cure up.
  • Chief Paroxysmus has the ability to teleport the attacker to himself and in a moment hit the teleported person twice for more than 100 damage per hit, even through a 70 resist suit. Needless to say people die from this treatment.
  • His Swamp Dragon, like the Grizzled Mare and the "imprisoned" creatures that have changeling abilities, can be dispelled, despite the fact that Publish 40 was supposed to fix this "known issue."

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