Paroxysmus' Swamp Dragon

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Swamp dragonkr.jpg

On occasion Chief Paroxysmus will drop a small statue of his own personal Swamp Dragon. The one who uses this item will shatter it, releasing the creature which will instantly bond to him/her as a pet.

Although the Chief's version shares the vital statistics of any other Swamp Dragon, it has one extra feature. It comes with a permanent set of Dragon Barding applied that grants a 12% damage reduction to its rider in PvM combat.

Standard armor, in comparison, can be damaged and destroyed over time, but comes in two flavours - a 10% reduction for the standard model, or 20% if exceptionally crafted.

Summoning Bug

Prior to Publish 52, a bug existed where dragons "summoned" by activating the statuette could be dispeled (permanently!). Unfortunately, this still applies to all such dragons obtained prior to that publish.

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