First Seen: August 30, 2005
Coordinates: 56°36'N, 28°37'E
Facet: Malas

An ancient city revealed by an earthquake and built by the minotaur, the Labyrinth is found on the Isle of the Divide in Malas. Huge pillars carved into the mountainside frame the doors that allow travelers inside. This "dungeon" is really a seemingly endless, twisted path through the old city, teeming with its angry denizens. Adventurers daring enough to venture deep enough, past the named monsters that dwell there, can find artifacts of the minotaur civilization and the Minotaur Champion Spawn. This dungeon is also the only place in game to find and tame the squirrel.

The main residents are the minotaur, with Captains overseeing operations and Scouts scouring the grounds for intruders. The incredibly strong reptalons and a few drakes also serve as very effective guardians of the winding streets. If those aren't enough to make a player nervous, here you will also several Named Monsters: Miasma the scorpion; Rend the reptalon; Pyre the phoenix; Flurry, Tempest, and Mistral the air elementals; and Grim the drake. The creatures of the Labyrinth are numerous and powerful. Those who choose to explore it should wander with care.

The only requirement to enter the dungeon is access to Mondain's Legacy content.


Random Notes

  • Miasma the black scorpion spawns not too far east of the entrance, and is often farmed for minor artifacts.
  • A little beyond him is the uber-reptallon, Rend. Many of his attacks are a one-hit kill or very close to it.
  • Beyond him is the red eagle Pyre, which is harder than Swoop but from what I can tell not too much. I heard rumors that Pyre is harder than Rend but saw NO evidence of it. Pyre has a bleed attack and is very aggressive.
  • Beyond Pyre, sometimes the CreatureFlurry, a differently hued air elemental / Energy Vortex, will spawn. He isn't very hard at all from what I can tell. (For all of this, keep in mind that we had a pretty large party.)
  • Squirrels spawn here sometimes.
  • Minotaur artifacts, that are needed for a quest, are boxes and pots and such that spawn at and beyond Pyre (which is beyond Rend).
  • The dungeon is difficult to navigate, because it looks like there are multiple paths, but there's really only one. It's easy to get trapped for this reason.
  • The Mistral referred to the the official fiction is said to be a bird like a swoop only golden and very hard to kill. Just like the swoop it does not attack you unless you attack it first. So watch out if you plan on doing an area spell of any sort one bite and you are gone.
  • The Tormented Minotaur "champ spawn" does in fact exist. It has been spawned on most shards at least once by now. For Atlantic, see here: here

There is no report of any special rewards. There is no altar, you just clear lots of spawn for about an hour. There are 3 "Levels", no change in spawn. Just different commands spammed. 1."Scouts sense enemies, must warn the others". 2. "Captains bark orders to Scouts to kill enemies" 3. "Meraktus has arrived!". He brings with him a spawn of Tormented Minotaurs, which are hell, they have an AoE attack that knocks you off your mount, and does 90 damage, so you have to heal up very fast. The trick is, to split them up, and try take 1 Tormented at a time, until just the boss left, he is nothing special in comparison, just more of the same.

  • As fun as it can be to go loot Minotaur artifacts as a stealther, make sure you don't die overweight as you will be STUCK INSIDE THE DUNGEON.

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