Crystal Dust

Crystal dust.png
Crystal Dust
Weight: 1 Stone

Crystal Dust can be crafted by Alchemists of 75 skill or higher. To create Crystal Dust you need 4 "Broken Crystals". These are more commonly known as Crystalline Fragments and the crystal peerless keys that summon Shimmering Effusion can also be used. They are found throughout the Prism of Light spawning on the ground or in monster corpses.

Crystal dust is used with Medusa Scales to craft Gorgon Lenses.


Crafting the Alchemy item Crystal Dust
Minimum Skill Requirements Components Success Chances
75.0 Alchemy
Ancient pottery fragments.png 4 of any Broken Crystal, Crushed Crystal Pieces, Jagged Crystals, Scattered Crystals, Shattered Crystals, Pieces of Crystal, Crystalline Fragments or Ancient Pottery Fragments
100.0 skill = 100.0%
Exceptional Chances
Cannot be Exceptionally crafted.
Additional Notes
Requires the "Stygian Abyss" expansion.

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