Barrab Hemolymph Concentrate

Barrb hemo potion.gifBarrab Hemolymph Concentrate can only be crafted by characters who have read the recipe, a potential reward from the quest ‘The Zealotry of Zipactriotol’ Effects of This potions are removed upon death. It is subject to a cooldown period of 20 minutes.

Gives the user:

  • +100 Hit Point Regeneration for 10 seconds
  • +10 Hit Point Increase for 5 minutes
  • Cannot be consumed if poisoned, mortally wounded or under the effects of Confidence spell.
  • Confidence spell cannot be cast while under the effects of this potion.
  • Can be removed by “Purge Magic” and Talisman of Ward Removal
  • It has NO benefit from the Enhance Potions property.


Requires Times of Legends Expansion to use and craft.

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