Invisibility Potion

Invisibility potion.gif

An Invisibility Potion will render the character who drinks it invisible for 20 seconds.

If the user of invisibility potions has any alchemy skill the duration will be increased by 1 for every 10 points of alchemy skill the user has.

The effects of Enhance Potions items are also added to invisibility potions


Invisibility Potions can be crafted by Alchemists who have access to the elven city of Heartwood and have learned the proper recipe.

Crafting the Alchemy item Invisibility Potion
Minimum Skill Requirements Components Success Chances
65.0 Alchemy
Empty bottle.png 1 Empty Bottle
Blood Moss.png 4 Blood Moss
Nightshade.png 3 Nightshade
100.0 skill = 70.0%
Exceptional Chances
Cannot be Exceptionally crafted.
Additional Notes


It can also be gotten from a Barrel Sponge.

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