Lesser Explosion Potion

Potion Explosion.gif Lesser Explosion Potion is used to deal 5-10 Fire Damage to enemies. It will blow up in hand if not thrown before the timer runs out. If the user of explosion potions has any alchemy skill the damage will be increased by 1 for every 5 points of alchemy skill the user has.

  • 20 extra points of damage at GM Alchemy
  • The effects of Enhance Potions items are also added to explosion potions.
  • Explosion potions cannot be used if you are [frozen].


Crafting the Alchemy item Lesser Explosion Potion
Minimum Skill Requirements Components Success Chances
5.0 Alchemy
Empty bottle.png 1 Empty Bottle
Sulfurous Ash.png 3 Sulfurous Ash
50.0 skill = 90.0%
Exceptional Chances
Cannot be Exceptionally crafted.
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