Sanctuary Caves

  • Facet: Trammel / Felucca
  • Coordinate: the entrance to Sanctuary is placed close to the way to Yew (0-58’ North 37-3’ West, 794, 1614) . Following the path into the mountain will lead to a fence. On the other side of this fence the danger starts. You will have to cross a kind of ruined town full of monsters that (for sure) do not like you. At the end it is placed the Sanctuary. But there is another way to cross...
  • Getting into the caves: down this passage lies a cavern useful for adventurers not so brave to cross alone through the upper level, riddled with monsters and dangers, or for those who just wish to explore the secret places of Sosaria. But remember, is good to know how to get there and, specially, how to leave.
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Tips & Clues

  • Some holes are spattered on the ground along the whole path. These holes are more or less this shape.
  • When someone is close enough to any of this holes, there will be a warning saying that "In the distance, you can see a way through the debris" .
  • Once inside the cave, be careful with its inhabitants, but specially with the dangerous spike traps, they can be found in certain spots along the cave.

Ground Holes Location

Down this lines there is a detailed screenshot that shows where are this holes to get in a out the Sanctuary caves.

  • Note: the number 6 spot (coloured green) heads to coordinate outside the dungeon: 5º 5' S - 36º 42' W (801, 1682) to a place outside the mountain, slightly to the south of the entrance.

Sanctuary Levels 1 & 2

Sanctuary Level 3 (Caves)

Sanctuary level1.gifSanctuary levelII.gif




  • Caves can be an alternative path to get closer to the elven area of the Sanctuary.
  • In the caves are some of the creatures that you need to slay if decide to talk to any quest givers in Sanctuary, such as Tiana the Guard.