Reaper Form

An arcanist in Reaper Form.
Reaper Form - Tarisstree
Icon reaper form.gif Mana Cost Minimum Skill Casting Delay
34 24.0 2.5
Duration Until recast or Death
Area of Effect Caster
Arcane Focus Bonus +5% to swing speed increase, +10% spell damage increase, and +5% to Physical, Cold, Poison, and Energy resistance. There is an additional 1% to each for each level of arcane focus. There is a penalty of -25 to Fire resistance that is unaffected by arcane focus.
Description The caster transforms into a tree. Benefits include increased Swing Speed on weapons, a Spell Damage Increase, and boost to resistances. Drawbacks include 25 point penalty to fire resistance and inability to ride a mount. There is no longer a restriction to walking speed. Originally, Reaper Form had the appearance of a normal Reaper, but the current model was added late into UO:ML beta testing. This form cannot be used while also using magery forms or while under the effects of a disguise kit.

See Also

Minimum Skill Spellweaving Spells
0 Arcane Circle · Attunement · Gift of Renewal · Nature's Fury Flag spellweaving.gif
10 Immolating Weapon · Thunderstorm
24 Arcane Empowerment · Ethereal Voyage · Reaper Form
38 Gift of Life · Summon Fey · Summon Fiend
52 Dryad Allure · Essence of Wind
66 Wildfire
80 Word of Death