Arcane Circle (Spell)

Arcane Circle - Myrshalee
Icon arcane circle.gif Mana Cost Minimum Skill Casting Delay
24 0.0 0.5
Duration Crystal lasts 1 - 10 hours (Spellweaving Skill x 10) / 240, minimum 1
Area of Effect The caster and up to 4 other arcanists
Arcane Focus Bonus +1 hour per additional arcanist
Description Creates an Arcane Focus crystal, which is used to enhance other Spellweaving spells. You must be standing on an Arcane Circle, Pentagram, or Abattoir in order to cast this spell. You may use any found in a player house, towns, or dungeons. Human characters with no real skill still have a 50% chance of casting sucess due to the Jack of all Trades racial ability. Standing on the Arcane Circle in the Prism of Light Dungeon will yield +1 to Arcane Focus (maximum 6 strength).

Frequently, players can be found at highly-trafficked locations, such as West Britain Bank or Luna Bank, repeatedly saying such phrases as "looking for circle," "need circle," or "making circle...need weavers" in order to entice other players with Spellweaving to join them in the casting of this spell in order to generate a higher strength Arcane Focus.

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