Protection - Uus Sanct
Mana Cost 6 Protection icon.gif
Minimum Skill 0.0
Delay (seconds) 0.75
Reagents Garlic, Ginseng, Sulfurous Ash
Duration Permanent
Area of Effect Caster
Magery Circle Second
Description Characters under the Protection spell effect can no longer have their spells "disrupted" when hit. As a result, those affected by the spell experience: decreased physical resistance value between -15 to -10; a reduction of their Resisting Spells skill value between -35 to -30; and a slower casting speed modifier of 2 points. The penalties for physical resist and Resisting Spells is lessened by +1 for each 20 skill points of Inscription (including Jack of All Trades for humans.
However, these penalties can lower neither Resisting Spells nor the casting speed below 0. While the modifier for Resisting Spells can be overcome by +skill on jewelry and/or armor, the FC penalty cannot. This FC modifier is applied after the cap takes effect, so additional FC above the cap will not counteract the negative effect of this spell.
The protection spell has an indefinite duration, becoming active when cast, and deactivated when re-cast. This spell, along with Reactive Armor and Magic Reflection, will stay on—even after logging out —- until you “turn it off” by casting it again. The spell effect will be purged when dying, and Protection has to be re-cast after death.
Protection Buff Icon & Tooltip