Magic Reflection

Magic Reflection - In Jux Sanct
Mana Cost 14 Magic reflection icon.gif
Minimum Skill 38.0
Delay (seconds) 1.5
Reagents Garlic, Mandrake Root, Spiders' Silk
Duration Permanent
Area of Effect Caster
Magery Circle Fifth
Description The Magic Reflection spell decreases the caster's physical resistance, while increasing the caster's elemental resistances.
  • Physical Resistance Decrease = 20 - (Inscription / 20).
  • Maximum Physical Resistance = -5
  • Elemental Resistance = +10

(-15 physical, -5 maximum physical, +10 elemental at Grandmaster Inscription).

As of Publish 69, the Magic Reflection spell was enhanced to provide additional tactical options in player versus player combat only. Any direct targeted, non Area of Effect spell, regardless of its circle, can be reflected back to the original caster, excluding Bard Masteries. When a player casts magic reflect they will receive a Reflection Pool power which is based off of their Magery, Inscription and scaled by their Magic Resistance. An intuitive (yet unofficial) formula is:


where IB is the Inscription Bonus and MRC is the Magic Resistance Coefficent:


IB is 0 if the Inscription Skill is less than 50.0. The value is rounded down to the nearest integer.


MRC stays as decimal and is not rounded to an integer. Note that the Reflection Pool is rounded down to the nearest integer and is capped at 100% while the formula's maximum value is 110%. Because of this, not all skill values need to be maximum: 120 Magery, 100 Inscription and 108 Magic Resistance will yield 100%.

The level of the spell cast on a target will remove power from the target's reflection pool. The more powerful the spell cast, the better chance of defeating the magic reflection result. If the spell is not successful in bringing down the magic reflect, the spell will be reflected back onto the caster. Once a spell cast successfully depletes the pool of reflection power, it will damage the target.

This is true even if the first spell cast successfully breaks the reflect. Once a reflect is broken, there is a 30 second delay before the target can cast reflect again to replenish their pool. Magic reflection will only be removed thru purging or recasting magic reflection with an active reflection power pool. Items of reflection will take 60 seconds to charge. After equipping a reflect item there will be a 60 second delay before the reflect is active. This will use only one charge from the item. The reflect will act in the same manner as if it had been cast by the character wearing the item. Once the reflect is broken, the wearer must wait 60 seconds before the item will place another reflect spell.

The Magic Reflection spell has an indefinite duration, becoming active when cast, and deactivated only when re-cast. Along with Reactive Armor and Protection, this spell will stay on -- even after logging out -- until you “turn it off” by casting it again, or until you die.
Magic Reflection Buff Icon & Tooltip for
a GM Mage with no Inscription and
Magic Resist Skills