Healing Stone

Healing Stone - Kal In Mani
Healing stone.jpg Mana Cost Minimum Skill Delay (seconds)
4 0 5
Reagents Bone, Garlic, Ginseng, Spiders' Silk
Duration Single Use
Area of Effect Caster
Description This spell summons a healing stone into the caster’s backpack which is only usable by the caster and will heal the caster instantly upon use.

The Healing Stone is Blessed and will disappear if dropped and cannot be traded or sold.

Changes as of Publish 65

  • The healing stone will have stored life energy or healing points which determine how many times the stone can be used before being destroyed. (The life energy is determined by the casters Mysticism and Focus/Imbuing skills)
  • The maximum amount the stone can heal for in a single usage is determined by the caster’s mysticism and focus/imbuing skills.
  • The stone now has healing energy which determines how much of the maximum healing can be used at a time. This healing energy is completely consumed with each use and must take time to recharge before being able to heal for the maximum amount.
  • The cool down on healing usage for the stone is 2 seconds, and it takes 15 seconds to replenish the stone’s energy completely.
  • The healing stone can now be used to cure poison. The chance to cure is based on the user’s mysticism and focus/imbuing skills. The life energy cost to cure poison is based on the level of poison. Failing to cure poison only costs 1/3rd of the life energy as curing.
  • Curing will not affect the stone’s energy.

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