Pass of Karnaugh

Pass of Karnaugh
First Seen: Third Dawn
Coordinates: 118 49'N, 20 44'W

X:1028, Y:272

Facet: Ilshenar
Pass of karnaugh map.jpg

Between Valor in the North of Ilshenar, and Compassion in the North/East, is the Pass of Karnaugh. Deep in the mountains blocking the way through, is a large menacing stone structure. To get through the pass, one has to get through this building. Its' two stories are maze like, and filled with all manner of evil beasts. Paragon versions of these creatures also inhabit the halls. If alone, be quick or be dead.

On the Eastern trail one will find the Drake and Wyvern.


Karnaugh first floor.jpg
Karnaugh second floor.jpg

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