The Harrower

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The Harrower was first referenced when Tentacles of the Harrower appeared in Khaldun Dungeon.

It took until the advent of Felucca Champion Spawns for the full Harrower to be seen.

At the time, the Harrower was by far the strongest and most reviled creature to appear in the land of Sosaria. His strength was so great that he can strike down an unprepared adventures in a single blow and even the most well equipped 3 or less. Only by defeating the 6 champions and obtaining their special skulls can he be summoned.

Defeating the Harrower grants stat scrolls, which increase the maximum total stats a character can gain. The highest-level stat scrolls are +25s, and the lowest are +5s.


The Harrower is not a mere spawn that you go battle, he must be summoned. To do so, you must first collect the 6 Champion Skulls and place them on the Star Room altar. Once completed, a black moongate will open revealing the Felucca dungeon the Harrower picked for battle. Here is a list of all locations where he may nest:

  • Covetous - Level 2 in the large central chamber or Level 3 in the Throne Room
  • Deceit - Level 1 in empty room near the entrance or Level 2
  • Despise - Level 2, South of Orge Lord Island
  • Destard - Level 1, either in the main area or in the back near the shrine
  • Fire Dungeon - Level 1 in the cemetery or Level 2 near the center
  • Hythloth - Level 3 on the blood pentagram or Level 4 near the center
  • Shame - Level 3 in front of the West or East Mage Towers
  • Terathan Keep Underground - In the swamp where the Nightmare spawns
  • Wrong - Level 2 in the mess hall

Statistics & Abilities

The Harrower Statistics
Spawn Locations Special: Click Here for Information
Fame 25,000 Slayer Vulnerability None
Karma -25,000 Alignment Evil
First Seen Publish 16 Pack Instinct None
Gold 2,500 Magic Items 9 - 12
Special Champion Spawn Artifacts, Power Scrolls, 16 Stat Scrolls Cut Up None
Strength 901 - 1,000 Hit Points 39,000
Dexterity 126 - 140 Stamina 126 - 140
Intelligence 1,001 - 1,200 Mana 5,000
Barding Difficulty 160 Taming Difficulty
Base Damage 35 - 41 Preferred Foods
Wrestling 115 - 120 Poisoning Not Applicable
Tactics 115 - 120 Magery 120
Resisting Spells 115.5 - 160 Evaluating Intelligence 140
Anatomy 0 Meditation 140
Detecting Hidden Hiding
Parrying Healing
Necromancy Spirit Speak
Mysticism Focus
Spellweaving Discordance
Bushido Ninjitsu
Chivalry Special Abilities None
Resists and Damage
Types Physical Fire Cold Poison Energy
Resistances 55 - 65% 60 - 80% 60 - 80% 60 - 80% 60 - 80%
Damage 20% 20% 20% 20% 20%

  • Teleports players dealing direct damage next to him randomly
  • Causes players corpses to explode when they die, all items on corpse are lost
  • Cannot be provoked onto other creatures
  • Immune to poison


The Harrower has two different forms that must be defeated.

The Harrower

The Harrower will first appear as a small humanoid wearing a gray colored hooded shroud. The graphic is identical to one labeled for the Shadowlords, but has only ever been used for the Harrower.

It may to some seem like a pushover due to its size, but that is not the case. It will easy strike to down players and "explode" their corpses. This means that the corpse, and anything on it (such as items not insured or resources such as bandages), will be deleted. Not only that, but he will Trash Talk saying phrases such as:

  • "You Fight like a Mongbat."
  • "You dare to defeat me?"
  • "Come get some."

Once this form is down to approximately 800 hit points it will disappear and the true form will appear.

The True Harrower

Upon appearance the True Harrower will shout "Behold my True Form". He will also appear with approximately 9 Tentacles of the Harrower spread around him and be unable to walk anymore. These are not normal Tentacles however, they will heal the Harrower in addition to themselves. They also have some magical force which nullifies ranged damage (for example, from magic or arrows). Maximum damage can only be achieved by standing next to the Tentacles.

Various tactics have proven effective against the Tentacles, including white wyrms (though the tamers must be capable and quick), cross-healing melee fighters ("dexers"), and mages casting spells from very close range, then running away before they take damage from the Tentacles's "life sucking" attack.

Once all the Tentacles are defeated or out of the way, players can start to take on the True Harrower. He fights exactly the same as the first once except he can no longer move. Upon defeat of the True Harrower, 16 Stat Scrolls are awarded to the top damaging players. The amount of Stat Scrolls awarded can be enhanced by the Justice Virtue. A gold explosion also takes place dropping approximately 1 million gold on the ground.

Bugs and Issues

  • The Tentacles may spawn in unreachable locations and have to be moved by a Game Master.

Fiction and Lore

Sadly, nearly zero fiction or lore was released by UO's manufacturer to explain the Harrower, or for that matter any of the Champion Spawns.

Players have in some cases filled in the gaps. On the Lake Superior shard for example, player fiction has the Harrower as a torture demon, writhing at the bottom level of the Stygian Abyss, served (and occasionally tormented) by the true forms of the various Balrons.

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