Cross-healing is a simple but very effective tactic for dealing with moderate to high levels of damage. Successful cross-healing requires at least two characters with high dexterity, sufficient healing, and bandages.

Though the term is most often used to refer to warriors healing one another with bandages, the term has also been applied (somewhat improperly) to mages healing each other using healing spells.


  • Two (or more) characters stand next to each other, and apply bandages to the other whenever there is damage to heal. Simple enough!
  • Take lots of bandages. A bandage every few seconds will burn through a large stack, quickly.


  • The reason cross-healing is so effective is that a character can apply a bandage to another character much faster than to themself. High dexterity also reduces bandaging time.
  • Because this is the fastest way to apply bandages, it is also an excellent way to raise healing skill.