Bandages are items primary used by the Healing and Veterinary skills. Although cheap and plentiful they can be used to heal substantial amounts of damage, and a character skilled in their use can even Cure or Resurrect targets without the use of magical abilities.

They can be obtained by using Scissors on Cloth (or Oil Cloth), buying them from NPC vendors, or by looting certain creatures (such as Mummies or Wandering Healers). Some special Talismans may summon bandages to your backpack.

The Fountain of Life house add-on may be used to create Enhanced Bandages.

Bandages may be dyed, and those of the same color may be stacked. A pile of bandages weighs an amount in stones equal to 10% of it's quantity rounded up (eg. 763 bandages = 77 stones).

You may not Bless or Insure bandages. As they are required in order for the Healing/Veterinary skills to be used at all, this can make them a somewhat unreliable source of healing.

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