Fountain of Life

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Fountain Of Life
10 Charges Remaining
Contents: 0/125 Items, 0/400 Stones

The discovery of Ilshenar has led to more questions than answers. Many mysteries about this unique land remain unsolved. Scholars believe the previous inhabitants of the land once wielded powerful magic, quite possibly surpassing our own. Although long since departed, a number of mystical remnants of their civilization serve as testaments to their achievements. From this enchanted fountain flow waters from Ilshenar said to possess tremendous healing properties.

The Fountain Of Life is a House Add-on that was introduced as a 8th Anniversary gift. It is dedicated to UO's forth year, September 2000 to September 2001. You can use a 8th Anniversary Token to claim one. During the 9th Anniversary, Heritage Tokens were given out which could also be used to get one.

Double-click the deed and target the ground where you want it to sit. The fountain will be automatically Locked Down and the Security Settings display will appear. Each real life day the fountain will be able to convert 10 normal Bandages into Enhanced Bandages. Only bandages can be placed in the fountain.


  • Can be turned using an Interior Decorator tool.
  • Takes up 1 tile.
  • Water spray is animated.
  • You can place any amount of bandages in the fountain. It will automatically convert 10 each day.
  • Use an Axe to turn it back into a deed (remove all items and unlock it first).

Like a few other house decoration items, Fountains of Life will prevent a player entering House Customization mode. The fountain must be emptied and re-deeded prior to attempting to customize one's house.

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