Spring Décor Collection

The Spring Décor Collection Token

The Spring Décor Collection refers to a set of house decorations that were introduced in 2006, with Publish 39. The token was included in the Japanese “Starter Kit,” while players in other areas could purchase the token at the official UO online store.

The token allows the player to chose from among the following items.

Item Description
Spring-Decor-surveyors-scope.gif Surveyor's Scope
Hand-crafted in days long past, these antique items have been fully restored and provided with the abilities of a modern house placement tool. The perfect balance of function and charm, this item retains its value whether you’re placing your first home or simply placing it on the shelf.
Spring-Decor-mongbat-dartboard.gif Mongbat Dartboard
A favorite of taverns the world over, the game of darts will never be the same after you play with a Mongbat Dartboard! Each statue is fashioned with a careful sense for detail, and then literally brought to life by the mystic arts. Every dagger on the mark will be rewarded with a squeal and a lifelike jerk as the statue tells you how well you did.
Spring-Decor-blessed-statue.gif Blessed Statue
The Blessed Statue features an intricately carved feline figurine holding an empty dish, but it doesn’t stay empty for long! Every day the delighted homeowner will find that a small amount of magical reagents have appeared within the dish. Truly a blessing for busy mages and alchemists who don’t have time to gather them on their own.
  • Fills with a random number of reagents every day
  • Shows whether the dish is empty or not without having to examine the statue
  • Can be dyed with a Veteran Reward Statuette Dye Tub, or the Pigments of Tokuno
Spring-Decor-carved-wooden-screen.gif Carved Wooden Screen
The Tokuno Islands are home to some of our world’s greatest artistic treasures. This ornately decorated set of panels captures the mystery of a distant land while providing a pleasing partition for any room in your home.
Spring-Decor-throw-pillow.gif Throw Pillow
The days of sleeping on straw and drab cushions are put behind us by this beautifully sewn throw pillow. Inspired by the colorful styles of Tokuno, it's the perfect accent for your furniture.
Spring-Decor-dragon-brazier.gif Dragon Brazier
The artisans of Tokuno have brought new life to an old concept by restyling the entire feel of the classic brazier. When lit, it gently lights your home with the soft glow of burning embers. Placed in a garden, it becomes the perfect ornament for your guests and neighbors to fawn over.
  • Can be turned on and off with a simple touch
Spring-Decor-navigates-world-map.gif Navigator's World Map
This classic map reflects the known world of Britannia, and when used upon a ship can allow your tillerman to sail you almost anywhere with ease! For those less inclined to travel it serves as a fascinating conversation piece for anyone’s table.
  • Can be used to plot ship courses
Spring-Decor-basket-of-herbs.gif Basket of Herbs
Fill your home with the fresh scent of spring with this wonderful assortment of herbs. When shaken, your guests will notice a gentle scent spread through your home, but they’re in for an even better treat should you decide to cook for them! After the basket is used, the homeowner receives a temporary enhancement to their cooking skills while they remain in their home.
  • Gives a 10% increase to the Cooking skill, when used by a character whose account owns the home (does not allow you to exceed 100 cooking skill)
  • This temporary increase lasts until the player leaves their home
Spring-Decor-shochu.gif Shochu
With trade relations with the Tokuno Islands stronger than ever, it’s not surprising that more and more people are discovering Shochu, a distilled wine featuring just a hint of almond. Especially of interest is the enchanted glass carafe, which when refilled with any beverage will magically turn it into Shochu!
  • The carafe can be refilled from other containers containing beverages, or a Sake fountain
Spring-Decor-marinera-brass-sextant.gif Mariner's Brass Sextant
Like the Surveyor's Scope, this antique brass sextant has been fully restored and enhanced through the magical arts. Merely holding it in your hands and examining it will reveal your location, anywhere in the world!
Spring-Decor-heartwood-chest.gif Heartwood Chest
Perhaps the perfect family heirloom, this elegant chest is fashioned from heartwood – one of the rarest timbers known. Just remember that this chest isn’t magically protected like the other items available in the collection.
  • Unblessed
Spring-Decor-low-yew-table.gif Low Yew Table
Yew trees have long been a marvel to travelers visiting the northern reaches of Britannia. Oft regarded as the king of trees, legend has it that the first living thing to grow from the ancient world’s barren soil was a single Yew sapling. That sense of timelessness reflects in this table as well, which no doubt will be handed down throughout your family from generation to generation.

Every one of these items is blessed, except for the Heartwood Chest.