Publish 39

The following is a list of changes deployed as Publish 39 on February 16, 2006.

New Player Improvements

  • New Player Guided Tour System: Guided New Player experience added in conjunction with the release of the Japanese “Starter Kit”. Will be available (and skippable) to all new characters upon initial log-in.
  • Font Improvements: Two new bold English fonts that make the text easier to read. Also changed the default speech font color to a readable yellow color.
  • Default layout: A new default layout that will make it easier for new and returning players navigate the interface. The default gameplay window size has also been set to the larger 800x600 option.
  • Spring Décor Collection items: This is a set of house decoration items to be included in the Japanese “Starter Kit” available in February. These items will be available to other territories through beginning in March.
  • Quest updates and additions: 12 new quests that help the new players get familiar with the game.

Interface and Art Additions/changes

  • Added new artwork for Dragon Armor and the Helm of Swiftness.
  • Changed the character status screen artwork to make it more streamlined.
  • Added new Login screen artwork for the 2D Client.
  • Added sticky health bars for all targetables.
  • Mouse wheel scrolling support has been added for the 2D client.
  • Menu Bar can now be moved in 2D client
  • Adjusted the 3D character and creature models to make them fit more inline with the world.
  • Object Handles will stick where they appear to make targeting moving objects easier.

Bug Fixes – Exploits

  • Players will no longer be able to attack Mirror Images to gain skill or cause harm to other players in Trammel.
  • Changed the Mirror Image special ability so that it will no longer cause players to get “guard whacked” when used by other players.
  • Travesty will now cause damage when mimicking a player with a non-weapon (Fishing Pole, Candle, etc.).
  • Energy field will no longer cause players to be flagged as aggressive in Trammel.
  • Players will no longer be able to area of effect rez ghosts through house walls with Noble Sacrifice.
  • Players will no longer be able to provoke pets on other players in a guard zone to get them guard killed.
  • Now that the snows have begun to melt, and the Winter Solstice has passed into history, a Bag of Sending can no longer be compelled to send white cloth, or any other quest object, through the etheral void.

Other Bug Fixes

  • Lethal Dart Quest and Broken Shaft Quest will now work properly.
  • Ossian Grimoire can no longer be “blessed” by leaving in a secured bag overnight on Siege.
  • Helm of Swiftness can now be repaired.
  • Helm of Swiftness obtained from a Peerless minor Paragons can now be worn by Humans and has been assigned the correct resists.
  • Changed two areas on Dreadhorn Island so they no longer teleport players out of the dungeon.
  • Mondain’s 300th Anniversary Coin is now movable and will no longer become un-locked if in a house nor will they be stackable.
  • Damage from all Archery weapons has been adjusted Some underpowered bows have been enhanced and some overpowered bows have had power reductions.
  • You can now trade regular blessed items. Personal blessed items still may not be dropped in the trade window.
  • Changed the way the Aminia Werewolf Quest spawns creatures.. This should eliminate problems with duplicate spawns.
  • Animal Form now has a recovery time of 2.5 seconds. Faster Casting Recovery 6 will reduce this to 1 second.
  • Animal form now costs 10 mana to cast.
  • “Streakiness” in the random number generator should be improved. As a side effect “8x8” will no longer work.
  • Flying creatures (Dragons/Drakes) no longer fall through surfaces when they are killed. This will make it easier to loot their corpses.
  • Ancient Wyrms no longer spawn in or walk through stalagmites in Destard.
  • Changed message player receives when they are Squelched and try to speak to "You cannot say anything at this time, you have been muted."
  • Made game balance changes to the Delucia Passage to make it more challenging to defeat the Dread Spiders.
  • House transfers are no longer allowed if the house exceeds the buyer's storage capacity (Non Mondain's Legacy account)

Gender and Name Change

  • Warning text and a link to the information pages were added to Name and Gender Change gumps.
  • When changing gender to male, players will now have the ability to select a facial hair style.


Update 1

On April 25, 2006, the following was published:
"Today, Tuesday, April 25th, 2006 we will be deploying an ERT Publish worldwide as follows:

  • April 25 - 3:00PM PDT (10:30PM GMT) - Pacific, Lake Austin, Baja, Napa Valley, Sonoma, Origin
  • April 25 - 3:30PM PDT (10:00PM GMT) - Chesapeake, Atlantic, Catskills, Siege Perilous, Legends, Great Lakes, Lake Superior
  • April 25 - 4:00PM PDT (11:00PM GMT) - Europa, Drachenfel, Oceania
  • April 25 - 5:00PM PDT (April 26 - Midnight GMT) - Arirang, Balhae, Formosa
  • April 25 - 5:30PM PDT (April 26 - 12:30AM GMT) - Yamato, Izumo, Wakoku, Hokuto, Mizuho, Mugen, Sakura, Asuka

We are expecting each publish window downtime to last approximately one hour."

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