Evil Home Décor

The Evil Home Décor set is a group of 11 items released with a ghoulish theme. They were originally given one to each player with an active account. You could then buy codes for $1.99 each in the www.uogamecodes.com official store. Most recently, they were a selection on the 9th Anniversary Heritage Tokens.


Make a statement in your living room, a statement that says, I like my furniture to squeal when I sit on it. These handsome, handcrafted pieces are made of the bleached white bones of victims of various diseases, wars, tragedies and accidental deaths. Some of these bones still have a little life left in them.

Bone throne.png

Bone Throne

Bone couch.png

Bone Couch

Bone table.png

Bone Table


The art you hang in your home tells the world who you are. If you hang these three paintings, you are telling the world that you have a heart of cold black evil. Created by Sosaria’s most disturbed painters, these three works of haunted art include: Lycanthropy, The Watcher and Withering Beauty. Watch them closely, as each has its own way of watching you.

Creepy portrait.png

Creepy Portrait

Disturbing portrait.png

Disturbing Portrait

Unsettling portrait.png

Unsettling Portrait

Mounted Pixie Collection

No time to hunt for those annoyingly elusive Pixies? No problem! Mount these five real pixies on your trophy wall, their faces frozen in terror-filled grimaces. Delightful! And they squeal and beg and cry when you poke them. Tons of fun for the whole family!

Mounted pixies.png

Mounted Pixies


Three more items round off the collection.

Bed of nails.png

Bed of Nails

Haunted mirror active.png

Haunted Mirror

Sacrificial altar active.png

Sacrificial Altar

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