Mounted Pixies

Mounted pixies.png
Mounted pixie deed.png

Mounted Pixies are items introduced with the Evil Home Decor set. You can either use an Evil Decor or Heritage Token to get one. It comes in a set of 5. Double click the deed and target the ground where you want it to go.


  • Each can face South or East
  • Turned using an Interior Decorator tool
  • There is no indication which type is in which deed
  • Each says a couple phrases when double-clicked (only the user can hear)
  • It is rumored the voices are members from the Development Team
  • Use an Axe to put them out of their misery..errr..back into deed form.


  • The orange one says:
    • "Lemme out!"
    • "Ph-phleasseeee!"
    • "Help me!"
    • "Oh man, come on! I am beggin you!"
  • The light green one says in a high pitched voice:
    • "Phhleeaseeeeee!"
    • "Let me down!"
    • "Help meeeeee!"
  • The blue one says in an old hag voice:
    • "Halp meee!"
    • *crying* "Plhe-pleaseeeeeeeee"
  • The dark green one says in a girlie voice:
    • "ouch, OUCH, Owieeeee"
    • "Help meeee"
    • "Pleaseeeeee"
    • "Let me downn"
  • The pink one says in a high pitched guy voice:
    • "Pleaseeee"
    • "Let me down"
    • "ouch, OUCH, OOWIEE"