Sacrificial Altar

Sacrificial altar.png
Sacrificial altar deed.png
Smoke is seen when the altar deletes it's contents

A Sacrificial Altar is an item introduced with the Evil Home Decor set. You can either use an Evil Decor or Heritage Token to get one. Double click the deed and target the ground where you want it to go. The altar acts as a container, but don't put your items inside unless you want them deleted.


This is not only the perfect altar for sacrificing valuables to the dark gods, it’s also a wonderful trash disposal unit. Whenever you put an item on the altar, a flame rises and consumes whatever is upon it.


  • Can face South or East
  • Can be turned using an Interior Decorator tool. Unlike most objects however, using the Decorator on a corner of the Altar rotates it fully around that axis, so it's possible to shuffle the altar across the floor, and into places where other deeded items would normally block it; as in this example from a home on Europa, where the Altar was placed near the lady, then shuffled up and under the square normally blocked by the bellows on the side of a Large Forge, as well as through a locked down skull pole.

Altar Shuffle.jpg

  • Takes up 2 tiles
  • Acts as a Trash Barrel
  • When it empties, smoke puffs on top and a scream is heard
  • Use an Axe to put back into deed form