Trash Barrel

"I wish to place a trash barrel"

A single Trash Barrel can be placed in any home. Items placed within the trash barrel will be permanently deleted from the game three minutes after an item is added to the container. The timer resets each time an additional item is added to the barrel.

WARNING: Items deleted in this manner cannot be recovered by any means.

  • To place a Trash Barrel, say "I wish to place a trash barrel" in a home to which you have Co-Owner or greater access. The barrel will appear where you are standing. Only one such barrel may exist in a house at any given time.
  • A trash barrel cannot be repositioned. To move or remove a trash barrel, target it with an Axe to chop it up. Alternatively, entering house customisation mode will remove a barrel.
  • Like normal containers, the trash barrel is limited to holding 400 stones of weight and/or 125 items. The weight limitation can be avoided by securing the trash barrel once it is placed in your home.
  • Items in the trash barrel are not included in a house's storage limit.