Bed of Nails

Bed of nails.png
Bed of nails deed.png
Luckly the blood dries up after a few seconds or there would be quite a mess to clean up.

The Bed of Nails is an item introduced with the Evil Home Decor set. You can either use an Evil Decor or Heritage Token to get one. Double click the deed and target the ground where you want it to go.


Stretch out on this gorgeous bed of razor sharp nails. Think of it as free acupuncture. Ignore the blood that seeps from your flesh as you sleep. The nails are rust proof.


  • Can face South or East
  • Turned using an Interior Decorator tool
  • Takes up 2 tiles but does not block movement
  • Takes up 1 tile
  • Walking on it causes blood to spray all over the floor and the user hears sounds of agony
  • Use an Axe to put back into deed form