Mining Cart

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Gem Cart East
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The Mining Cart is a 10th Year Veteran Reward which comes as a deed and allows players to place either a Gem Cart or an Ore Cart in their home. A player's account must be must be 120 months or older to place a Mining Cart in their home with the deed. The Ore Cart will yield 10 Ore of a random type once per day while the Gem Cart similarly yields 5 Common Gems of a random type daily. While there is an account age requirement to place the mining cart, anyone with at least friend-level access to house may harvest the resources.

Both versions of the mining car are similar in appearance to other mining carts commonly seen around Sosaria, notably the Orc Dungeon.

Double-click the deed and select the facing, then target the spot you want it to go. Use an Axe on it to return it to deed form. Curiously, when in gem cart form, one must specifically target the cart portion of the object with an axe to re-deed it and not one of the gems resting on top.

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  • Blessed
  • Comes in a deed - "Deed For A Mining Cart Decoration"
  • Ore cart gives 10 ore of a random color (from Iron to Valorite) once per 24 hour period
  • Stores a maximum of 100 ore. Retrieve the resources by double-clicking on the cart.
  • Gem carts gives 5 random gems (classic gems only) per 24 hour period
  • Stores a maximum of 50 gems. Retrieve the resources by double-clicking on the cart.
  • All players with "friend" or higher security access can collect the resources.
  • Any accrued resources will be preserved if you customize your house or redeed the cart. However, if you switch between the ore and the gem cart, the resources will be lost.
  • Requires 6 tiles in a 2x3 arrangement to place.

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