The term Sosaria has been used in various ways throughout the Ultima saga, in both the single-player games and UO. The fact that the terms "Sosaria" and "Britannia" are both used in various ways, sometimes interchangeably, has caused much confusion. So much so that it is difficult to try to explain things without adding to the confusion.

In UO, the term "Sosaria" is most commonly used in one of the following two ways:

  • To refer to every map in the game. Basically referring to the entire world the game of UO is played in. By this definition, the Tokuno Islands, the Lost Lands, Ilshenar, Malas, etc., are all considered "Sosaria." A use of this definition in a sentence could be: "If you like variety, you should play UO; the best thing about it is that Sosaria has so many very different places;" and
  • To refer to the planet on which at least 2 of the maps, Britannia and the Lost Lands reside. This definition is similar to the way the term "Sosaria" was most commonly used in the Ultima single-player games. A use of this definition in a sentence could be: "I started today's hunting in Sosaria, specifically at the Demon Temple, then I eventually drifted into Malas." By this definition, it is possible to dispute whether or not UO's other maps are also on the planet of Sosaria. Some are probably not (Malas), and some may be (Tokuno).


The term orginated in the single-player Ultima games. The world of Mount Drash and Mondain was renamed Sosoria, in honor of the Sorcery used to destory Mondain.

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