Tree Stump

Stump East
Stump South
Stump with Axe West
Stump with Axe North

A Tree Stump is a 7th year Veteran Reward that comes in deed form and when used will produce one of two tree stumps in a choice of directions(East or South). A tree stump produces 10 Logs of random type each day. A player's account must be 84 months or older to place the stump in either their home or a home where they are a co-owner, but anyone with at least Friend status to the home can collect the logs.

Curiously, the two directional variants with the embedded axe are labeled facing West or North instead of the usual East or South.

The tree stump is created by using the deed and making a selection from the menu.

Tree stump menu.jpg

Being a House Addon, the tree stump can be re-deeded using an Axe.


  • Decorative stumps that come in the form of a deed - "A Deed For A Tree Stump Decoration"
  • When used, the deed offers a choice between the four stumps
  • The stump gives 10 random wood logs a day (from plain to frostwood).
  • Stores a maximum of 100 logs. Retrieve the resources by double-clicking on the stump.
  • All players with "friend" or higher security access can collect the resources.
  • Any accrued resources will be preserved if you customize your house or redeed the stump
  • Cannot be dyed with a Furniture Dye Tub
  • Requires 1 tile to place.

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