Star Room


The Star Room is a somewhat mysterious room wherein rests six altars. Placing a Champion Skull obtained from each of the six champions will open a black gate leading to the Felucca dungeon where the Harrower may be found. A gateway to the Star Room is found deep within the Terathan Keep.


The true nature and origin of the Star Room is shrouded in mystery. Its decor of austere fountains set against a silent and vast field of stars contrasts with the usual neck-deep pile of corpses players usually have to create to fight their way there.

A gateway to the Star Room lies within the innermost reaches of the Terathan Keep. Once a place of mere curiosity, the Star Room took on purpose with the introduction of Champion Spawns and the appearance of the skull altars. No Terathans are ever seen in the Star Room, it's even questionable if they are aware of its existence with its gateway tucked away deeply in their lair.

On the other hand, the Terathans are currently a devolved society after seemingly endless ages of constant and continual warfare with the Ophidians. Perhaps they were once more advanced and had use or even created the Star Room.


The Star Room was dubbed as such after a favorite Asian restaurant the original OSI dev team would frequent in Austin, TX. It is believed to be no longer in business.