Niporailem the Thief
Niporailem is a Gargoyle thief cursed to guard the Tomb of Kings.


Niporailem the Thief Statistics
Spawn Locations Tomb of Kings
Fame 18000 Slayer Vulnerability Undead
Karma -18000 Alignment Evil
First Seen Stygian Abyss Pack Instinct None
Gold ~1850 - 2150 Magic Items 10
Special Epiphany Armor Piece Cut Up None
Strength 1000 Hit Points ~10500
Dexterity 1200 Stamina 1200
Intelligence 1200 Mana 1200
Barding Difficulty 160.0 Taming Difficulty N/A
Base Damage 15 - 27 Preferred Foods None
Wrestling 53.8 - 85.7 Poisoning ---
Tactics 51.6 - 88.2 Magery ---
Resisting Spells 71.1 - 89.0 Evaluating Intelligence ---
Anatomy 0.0 Meditation ---
Detecting Hidden Hiding
Parrying Healing
Necromancy Spirit Speak
Mysticism Focus
Spellweaving Discordance
Bushido Ninjitsu
Chivalry Special Abilities Vengeful Curse: Summons Spectral Armor to defend the tomb.

Fool’s Gold: Throws overweighted gold piles directly into the player’s pack, overweighting them. The gold becomes a nuisance very quickly, and turns to "treasure sand" upon being tossed to the ground.

Special Moves: Strangle.

Resists and Damage
Types Physical Fire Cold Poison Energy
Resistances 34 - 46% --- 31 - 49% 100% 31 - 49%
Damage 20% --- 40% --- 40%
  • Note: Statistics taken from 10 Niporailems

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This is a super easy boss for a sampire with an Undead weapon. He is located in the area on the opposite side of the fake teleporter room. There is a hidden wall you can double clic to access the area.