Hair Dye

Hair dye.png Hair Dye may be used by characters to permanently change the color of their hair.

Available for purchase from NPC Provisioners for 37 gold, it is a single use item but allows for a larger number of hair color choices than during the initial character creation process. Featuring twelve main colors, some of which have over a dozen hues, coloring hair in Sosaria is clearly faster, easier and cheaper than ever.

First set of hues.

Hair Dye is not to be confused with the very rare neon Hair Dye which was a reward item from the Clean Up Britannia event in 1999.

Additionally, hair may be colored in a variety of other ways in rarer hues, such as with Lady Melisande's hair dyes, NPC Hairstylists(found in Britain) or even purchased with real money in the case of Abyssal Hair Dye.