Power Scrolls

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A Legendary Scroll of Wrestling (120 Skill)

Powerscroll.png Power Scrolls are an in-game consumable that raise individual skill caps. Most are earned through the Champion Spawn system, and only on facet Felucca. However, the scrolls that raise the blacksmithy and tailoring skill caps are earned as rewards for successfully filling and returning their respective Bulk Order Deeds. Fishing scrolls are are obtained by doing a large number of Professional Fisher Quests while Imbuing scrolls are rewarded for the completion of the quests like Mastering the Soulforge. 105 and 110 Power Scrolls can also be found as loot in Cache, Hoard, and Trove Felucca treasure chests. Scrolls found in treasure chests will be related to the adventuring profession that buried the chest. It should be noted that not all skills have Power Scrolls at this time.

They come in four varieties:

  • A Wondrous Scroll of [Skill Name] (105 Skill)
  • An Exalted Scroll of [Skill Name] (110 Skill)
  • A Mythical Scroll of [Skill Name] (115 Skill)
  • A Legendary Scroll of [Skill Name] (120 Skill)

Supply & Demand

There is a large market for Power Scrolls. The timid or impatient are advised to visit the City of Luna for player vendors who deal in Power Scrolls.

Frankly speaking,

  • 105 scrolls can be found on the ground around certain banks, asking for free 105s often is sufficient
  • 110 scrolls are common, so prices vary; bargains can be had if you shop around
  • 115 scrolls are uncommon, but then most who might want a 115 are going to skill-up to 120 regardless; sometimes it's better to save your gold for a 120
  • 120 scrolls are rare and most prices are known, so deals are hard to come by; a veteran advises to buy when you see it, that is if you can afford it.

And of course, Player Killers recommend coming to Felucca to get Power Scrolls from the source.


The following skills' caps can be raised by using a Power Scroll:

The following skills do not have Power Scrolls associated with them:

Skill Titles

When you raise your skill above 100, the following titles can be achieved

  • 110 - Elder
  • 120 - Legendary


The Power Scroll was introduced in Publish 16. It created new skill reputation titles beyond Grandmaster and a new maximum of Legendary.


  • 110, 115, and 120 Non-crafting based Power Scrolls are always Cursed; they cannot be insured nor blessed. 105 power scrolls can be insured.
  • Power Scrolls do not stack, (i.e., consuming two 110 Magery scrolls will not make your skill cap 120).

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