Mastering the Soulforge

Mastering the Soulforge is a quest given out by Ansikart the Artificer who can be found near the Royal City soulforge in Ter Mur.


Stand near a soulforge and use the Imbuing skill to unravel magical items. Retrieve Relic Fragments and give them to Ansikart. There are three magical elements that the soulforge can unravel from a magic item: Magical Residue, Enchanted Essence, and Relic Fragments. Each Imbuing recipe includes a quantity of one of these ingredients.

"Greetings! To complete your training, you must learn to unravel the most powerful magic items. You must have a magic item. Stand near a soulforge and unravel the magic item into magical ingredients until you obtain Relic Fragments."
"Return to me with the Relic Fragments, and I will reward you with a scroll of power."



  • Powerscroll.png A Legendary Scroll of Imbuing (120 Skill)

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