Artifacts (Craftable)

Certain artifacts can be crafted using ingredients obtained from Peerless bosses. These items all require a "major" ingredient, only one of which can be obtained per battle.

They require very high levels of skill to create. Tailors and Blacksmiths are advised to use power scrolls (gathered via BODs) in order to improve their chances. Talismans can also tip the odds in your favour - you'll want as much help as you can get, considering that failure could potentially destroy ingredients worth over hundreds of thousands of gold coins...

Aside from Peerless ingredients, Craftable Artifacts sometimes require special resources specific to Mining, Lumberjacking and Fishing (such as gems), along with more mundane resources.

The character who wishes to create the item must have first read the relevant recipe scroll - these are, in some cases, considered more valuable then the items themselves (as they are far rarer then the components). The only exceptions are the Darkwood Armor pieces.

Note that Runic Tools cannot be used to further enhance craftable artifacts, and typically cannot be created Exceptionally.


Hovering Wisp.png Hovering Wisp


Cold Forged Blade.png Cold Forged Blade Luminous Rune Blade.png Luminous Rune Blade Overseer Sundered Blade.png Overseer Sundered Blade Rune Carving Knife.png Rune Carving Knife
Shard Thrasher.png Shard Thrasher


Bramble Coat.png Bramble Coat Darkwood Chest.png Darkwood Chest Darkwood Crown.png Darkwood Crown Darkwood Gauntlets.png Darkwood Gauntlets
Darkwood Gorget.png Darkwood Gorget Darkwood Leggings.png Darkwood Leggings Darkwood Pauldrons.png Darkwood Pauldrons Ironwood Crown.png Ironwood Crown
Phantom Staff.png Phantom Staff

Bowcraft & Fletching

Blight Gripped Longbow.png Blight Gripped Longbow Faerie Fire.png Faerie Fire Silvani's Feywood Bow Silvani's Feywood Bow Mischief Maker.png Mischief Maker
The Night Reaper.png The Night Reaper


Scrapper's Compendium.png Scrapper's Compendium


Song Woven Mantle.png Song Woven Mantle Spell Woven Britches.png Spell Woven Britches Stitcher's Mittens.png Stitcher's Mittens


Essence Of Battle.png Essence of Battle Pendant Of The Magi.png Pendant of the Magi Resillient Bracer.png Resillient Bracer