Darkwood Pauldrons

Darkwood Pauldrons.png
Darkwood Pauldrons
Weight: 5 Stones
Elves Only
Part Of An Armor Set (6 Pieces)
Hit Point Increase 2
Defense Chance Increase 5%
Physical Resist 8%
Fire Resist 5%
Cold Resist 5%
Poison Resist 7%
Energy Resist 5%
Strength Requirement 80
Durability: 37 (min) - 96 (max)
Darkwood Pauldrons (Full Set).png
Full Set Bonuses:
Self Repair 3
Strength Bonus 10
Luck 100
Reflect Physical Damage 25%
Physical Resist +2%
Fire Resist +5%
Cold Resist +5%
Poison Resist +3%
Energy Resist +5%

The Darkwood Pauldrons are a pair of Woodland Arms and also one of the Craftable Artifacts. It does not, however, require a Carpentry Recipe scroll.

Although weak on it's own, when combined with the other Darkwood armor pieces it completes the Warrior Armor Set. This was introduced along with several other Item Sets by the Mondain's Legacy expansion.

Craftable Artifacts such as this require very high levels of skill to create. Talismans can tip the odds in your favour - you'll want as much help as you can get, considering that failure could potentially destroy valuable ingredients (which are mostly acquired via lengthy battles against Peerless bosses).

These parts retain the colour of the material used (and can be dyed with Pigments of Tokuno), but change hue when the entire set is equipped.

Craftable Artifacts cannot have additional Item Properties added using Runic Tools, nor can they typically receive Exceptional bonuses. Their maximum Durability can be increased to 255 via Powder of Fortifying.

These particular items will gain material bonuses depending on the type of Wood you use. Heartwood allows you to boost all the total resistance levels of the suit to at least 70.

Each individual armor piece has the same modifiers (aside from material bonuses). When completely assembled, the total armor modifiers are:


Crafting the Carpentry item Darkwood Pauldrons
Minimum Skill Requirements Components Success Chances
85.0 Carpentry
Boards.png 15 Boards or Logs
Scourge.png 10 Scourge
Taint.png 10 Taint
Eye Of The Travesty.png 1 Eye of the Travesty
100.0 skill = 60.0%
Exceptional Chances
Cannot be Exceptionally crafted.
Additional Notes
The item retains the color of the material used.
Requires the "Mondain's Legacy" expansion.