Hit Chance Increase

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Hit Chance Increase (HCI) is an item property that increases the probability to hit a target. HCI is usually found on weapons, rings, and bracelets with a range of 1% to 15%.

HCI is capped at 45% for all races. However, HCI worn above the cap is included when calculating the impact of an opponent’s Hit Lower Attack modified weapon. Therefore, there are benefits to wearing HCI items that total more than your character's cap in certain player versus player combat situations.


Items that have more than HCI 15% or items that would not usually have HCI:

Hit Chance Increase on Shields

HCI used to occur on non-artifact shields, but that is no longer the case. For this reason, the price for such shields is relatively high.

In a discussion of HCI on shields in the Five on Friday (FoF) of November 3, 2006 (Number 35), developer MrTact said, "Unless someone gives me a good reason why that property was removed from shields, I see no reason not to put it back." However, the FoF continued by noting that the developers believe that the way HCI and Hit Lower Attack are implemented needs to be rebalanced. Therefore, the FoF concludes, HCI will not be added back to shields until such balance issues are addressed.


The following resources are required to imbue the highest intensity of Hit Chance Increase (15%):

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