Conjurer's Trinket

Conjurer's Trinket.png
Conjurer's Trinket
Weight: 1 Stone
Undead Slayer
Strength Bonus 1
Hit Point Regeneration 2
Hit Chance Increase 10%
Damage Increase 20%

The Conjurer's Trinket is a blood red talisman first seen during the Halloween 2008 event. It was obtained by defeating Skeletal Liches in graveyards, and had to be looted from the corpses. The most coveted of these items possess the Owned by property, and thus are blessed.

Add a single Undead Slayer bonus to weapons. If you use an undead slayer you gets a double Undead Slayer bonus. If you have no Undead Slayer weapon it works as if your wear one.

The Undead Slayer property does not work for mage spells.

Can not be dyed with Pigments of Tokuno but with Natural Dyes

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