Message in a Bottle

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On occasion, a lucky Fisher or Aquarium-owner will discover a Message in a Bottle. Looking inside will reveal either a Waterstained sos.png A Waterstained SOS or, on a 1 in 25 chance, Ancient sos.png An Ancient SOS.

Travelling to the location the message specifies gives you the chance to attempt to fish a chest up from the ocean floor, though at least 65.0 skill points in Fishing are required for a chance of succeeding.

Pre-chest Loot

While attempting to bring up the chest, you may on occasion bring up other bits of random items with the special tag Recovered from a Shipwreck. As of Publish 105, items brought up from an Ancient SOS will also have the name of the shipwreck on it. You may get the message You fish for a while but fail to catch anything or You pull out [item]. The count of such items ranges from 0 (chest directly fished up) to at least 20 items (VorLesh(Luck 140) of Drachenfels September 19, 2017 [20 items and 8 fishing attempt bearing nothing + chest in 29 attempts]). Such articles include:

Common Items

Uncommon Items

Rare Items


Eventually the chest (also including the shipwreck tag) will appear from the deep, typically containing the same modest loot associated with other Treasure Chests.

Level Treasure Items
Gold Reagent
(Stacks of Ten)
Scrolls Gems Magic Items Special
Unique Shared
Wooden chest.png Metal chest.gif 1 10000 1 5 10 4 Special Fishing Net




2 20000 2 10 20 12
3 30000 3 15 30 18
Ancient chest.gif Barnacle metal chest south.png 4 - Ancient Chest 40000 4 20 40 24 Fabled Fishing Net
A ships strongbox.png A Ship's Strongbox 10000 per Level - - 20 per Level -


Special Items

Special fishing net.png Aqua special fishing net.png Blood special fishing net.png Brown special fishing net.png Charcoal special fishing net.png Fire special fishing net.png Green special fishing net.png Iris special fishing net.png Ocean special fishing net.png Pink special fishing net.png Red special fishing net.png Spinach special fishing net.png Turquoise special fishing net.png Violet special fishing net.png Yellow special fishing net.png
Fabled fishing net.png
Heading Left End Middle (large) Center Middle (small) Right End
South Grapevines south 1.png Grapevines south 2.png Grapevines south 3.png Grapevines south 4.png Grapevines south 5.png
East Grapevines east 1.png Grapevines east 2.png Grapevines east 3.png Grapevines east 4.png Grapevines east 5.png
A large fishing net.png A large fishing net south.png