Gypsy Camp

Gypsy Camps can be found in open areas around Ilshenar.


In Ilshenar, gyspy camps may have a bank or a stable. Gypsies in these camps offer training and goods cheaper than most of the shops. Some small camps spawn in specific locations while the others are quasi-towns themselves like the Desert Outpost (East) and the Desert Outpost (West).

Trammel and Felucca

While Publish 65 returned the gypsy camps to spawn in random locations in Trammel and Felucca with a Tent, Publish 69.6 temporarily removed them to address an issue.

Unlike the ones in Ilshenar, these camps didnt have a bank or a stable and gypsies werent offering any goods. They used to spawn with four to six gypsies and two locked and trapped containers like barrels, kegs, wooden or metal chests. Note that the barrels and the kegs could be picked up. Two classes of chests used to spawn in every camp:

Chest Required Lockpicking Required Magery (Unlock) Gold
First Class 72.6 95.0 120 - 160
Second Class 83.9 120.0 280 - 350

Apart from the gold, the contents of the chests included:

As of Publish 65, these chests rarely spawned with enhanced loot. While the regular loot was around:

the enhanced loot reported from the chests and on the corpses of the Gypsies were:

Note that Moonstone Jewelery pieces might also be found rarely from the Gypsy Camps, with 25,000 to 1 chance.


  • Sometimes one or both of the chests dont spawn when the camp is near water or any other obstruction.

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