Desert Outpost (East)

Desert Outpost (East)
First Seen: April 2001
Coordinates: 94°50'N 19°37'E
Facet: Ilshenar
Another flower in the desert.

The Desert Outpost (East) is a quasi-town on the Ilshenar facet. There is no guard zone and EVs can be cast within the walls of the compound. The NPC vendors cannot be harmed. Unlike its western counterpart, it has a Bank but no stable. There are several other services of interest:

  • Bank (see the gypsy bankers)
  • Magery Shop (see the fortune teller for reagents, etc)
  • Provisioner (see the gypsy maiden for bolts and arrows, etc)
  • Jeweler/Tinker (vagabond)


  • Ratmen to the west can open the doors to the Outpost.
  • The Bank has what appears to be an entrance to a vault area (or an ancient unknown dungeon). However, the doors will not open.
  • There is a unique tapestry on the Bank wall.


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