• September 25, 2014 Note: As of Publish 86 Factons has been removed from the game. It has been replaced by the Vice vs Virtue PVP system.

Silver is relatively rare form of in-game money. Silver coins are only obtainable if you are in a Faction, although player vendors also sell Silver. Some items can only be purchased with Silver coins, such as Faction War Horses, Faction Vendors, etc.

Earning Sliver

Faction members can earn Silver via PvE, by slaying monsters with faction affiliations.

Faction members also can earn Silver via PvP, by slaying faction enemies.

  • 40 silver - Per kill point received. Faction enemies with a kill point deficit give up no swag. Faction members are limited in the amount obtained the same opponent by a countdown timer. [Insert delay amount here].

See Also

An Old and Unrelated Use of the Term

At the start of the game's history and for a number of years, the property "Silver" on a weapon designated it as an Undead Slayer.