Vice vs Virtue

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Vice vs Virtue is a PVP system in Felucca that was added in Publish 86. It replaced the now defunct Factions PVP system.

Sign Up & Quitting

  • Players can join Vice vs Virtue by using the “Join Vice vs Virtue” option from the “My Guild” page of the Guild Menu.
  • Clicking “Accept!” from the acceptance gump will enroll players in Vice vs Virtue. While enrolled in Vice vs Virtue players will be open to attack from other VvV players while in a non-consensual PvP Facet.
  • All Vice vs Virtue players have [VvV] appended to the end of their name.
  • While enrolled in VvV players will receive messaging when logging in and while logged in informing when battles take place.
  • While enrolled in VvV players will subject to stat loss when killed.
  • Players may quit Vice vs Virtue by selecting the “Resign Vice vs Virtue” option from the “My Guild” page of the Guild Menu.
  • When resigning VvV players will enter a 3 day quitting period. During that 3 day period players will still be attackable by VvV members in non-consensual PvP facets.
  • After the expiration of the 3 day quitting period players will be removed from VvV the next time the player logs in.
  • If a player is removed from a guild while enrolled in VvV they will enter a 3 day quitting period, during which time the player will be flagged as a VvV participant and open to attack while in a non-consensual PvP facet.
  • At the expiration of the 3 day quitting period players will have their VvV participant status removed the next time they log in.
  • A player must fully resign VvV before they can Character Transfer.


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  • When at least 2, non-allied VvV players are logged into the game a random Virtue City will be open for battle.
  • When a VvV player enters an active battle region a battle status gump will open indicating their guild’s scoring progression as well as important match updates.
  • At the start of the battle non-VvV players will receive a warning gump indicating that if they do not leave the battle city they will be open to attack.
  • Any non-VvV player entering the city during the battle will receive the same warning gump.
  • VvV players can score points for their guild in a variety of ways:
    • Being the only guild/alliance to occupy the city
    • Killing opposing non-allied VvV players. There is a 5 minute timeout between when a player’s death results in the killer’s guild receiving points.
    • Finding and returning the Sigil
      • The sigil icon at the bottom of the battle status gump will illuminate when the sigil has spawned.
      • A passive Detecting Hidden skill check will alert the player when they are near the sigil with a message that, “Their keen senses detect something hidden in the area” if a player has at least 80.0% detecting hidden skill.
      • Players must use detecting hidden and have at least 100.0% stealing to reveal and steal the sigil.
      • Once the sigil has been acquired it can be returned to either the Priest of Vice or Priest of Virtue.
      • The sigil is cursed and can be picked up or stolen by other VvV players.
    • Claiming an Altar:
      • When the message, “Fight for the Altar” appears in the battle status gump an arrow will point towards the direction of the altar.
      • Claim the altar by being the only guild/alliance to stand on it and ignite all 4 braziers.
      • If an opposing VvV player steps onto the altar the claiming process resets.
  • VvV players will receive silver points during the match that can be redeemed for a variety of rewards.
  • When any guild’s point status bar is filled or the battle timer ends the battle will conclude.
  • After a short cooldown period if at least 2, non-allied VvV players are logged into the game another battle will start.


  • All Vice vs Virtue players will have [VvV] appended to their overhead name.
  • In consensual PvP facets normal highlighting will occur based on notoriety.
  • In non-consensual PvP facets a Vice vs Virtue player will highlight orange to other Vice vs Virtue players except those players that are in the same guild or alliance.
  • Non VvV players that unlawfully attack a VvV player will be flagged as Vice vs Virtue Participants and highlight orange to VvV players. This participation will last until the player is killed by another player, and will be subject to stat loss upon death.


  • A variety of rewards are available for purchase from the “Silver Trader” stationed at banks across Britannia.
  • Rewards tagged as “Shard Bound” cannot be shard transferred.
  • Rewards tagged as “VvV” can only be used by Vice vs Virtue players.
  • Rewards tagged as “Owner: “ are character bound.
  • Rewards tagged as “Account Bound” are only usable by characters on the account that claimed the reward.
  • Silver traders will trade items for VvV silver points.
  • A player can have no more than 10,000 silver points.
  • Players will start with 2000 silver points.
  • Silver points will be reset to zero each time a player rejoins Vice vs Virtue.
  • Traps
    • Traps can be placed inside an active VvV battle region and come in two deployment varieties, proximity and tripwire.
    • Deployment type can be toggled using the context menu on the trap.
    • Proximity traps detonate when a valid target enters the detonation radius around the trap and cause moderate damage.
    • Tripwire traps detonate when a valid target steps on the tripwire line and cause heavy damage.
    • Traps have a variety of damage packages including,
      • Explosion – causes equal parts fire and physical damage
      • Poison – causes poison damage and poisons the target
      • Cold – causes cold damage and paralyzes the target
      • Energy – causes energy damage and prevents healing for a short period
      • Blades – causes physical damage and puts a bleed effect on the target
    • The number of traps that can be placed inside a VvV battle region is capped at 20.
    • Traps can be passively detected with a detecting hidden skill of at least 80.0%.
    • Players who place, their guild mates, and allies will always be able to passively detect traps regardless of detecting hidden skill.
    • Traps can be revealed using the detecting hidden skill actively.
    • Traps can be disarmed using the Remove Trap skill actively.
    • Successful disarmament of a trap results in the trap being returned to the disarmer, failure results in detonation.
    • Guild mates and allies may not detect or remove the traps of their guild mates and allies.
  • Potions
    • Potions are delivered 10 at a time in the form of a special potion keg. Double click on the keg to redeem potions. A variety of potion types are available for purchase from the Silver Trader:
      • Antiparalysis – Removes the effects of paralysis and halves current stamina.
      • Supernova – Causes fire damage to enemies within a 5 tile radius, can be used once ever 2 minutes
      • Stat Loss Removal – Removes the effects of stat loss, can be used once very 20 minutes.
      • Greater Stamina – Restores 100-125 stamina over the course of 10 seconds. No other potions can be consumed during this time.
  • War Steeds
    • War Ostards and War Horses are delivered as a pet statuette. Using the pet statuette will create a bonded pet to the user.
    • War steeds cannot be traded, and when released will disappear.
    • War steeds must be fed regular food appropriate to the creature type.
    • War steeds must also be fed “Essence of Courage” to keep up their battle readiness. The potion restores 1 unit.
    • VvV mounts will lose 1 "unit" of battle readiness after every death, and after every 24 hour period. If you are riding the mount when the decay tick hits and it has lost all "units" of battle readiness it will go poof.

For reference they start with 8 units, you get the low message at 5 units, and can have a max of 20 units.