Mace and Shield Reading Glasses

Mace and shield reading glasses.png

The Mace and Shield Reading Glasses are an 800,000 point Cooperative Collection reward from the Britain Library Collection. A Mondain's Legacy upgraded account is required to equip them. They take up the Head Slot on the Paperdoll. You must donate to the Mace and Blade Section Donation Representative (Warrior) to get these glasses as a reward. Players can also obtain them as a Faction Artifact for 5,000 silver; the faction version adds a +10% Damage Increase bonus.

They can be had for either 12,000,000 in Gold or 88,889 bucklers or battle axes. In terms of ingots consumed, bucklers are the better choice. With the item properties, and resistances that total 65, these reading glasses are highly valued in PvP.


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