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Introduced in 2004, Makoto-Jima is smallest island in the Tokuno Islands group. Accessible by moongate, the island is dominated by the Phoenix Mountains. It is home to Zento, the only city on the facet. There are a handful of healers spread across the island.


Makoto Moongate

36° 54' N, 36° 37' W

Phoenix Mountains

A mountain range bisects the island, but there are four passes through them. The easiest to navigate is the one due north of the City of Zento. The mountains appear to be a miner's paradise.

The Waste

A great desert encompasses the northern half of Makoto-Jima. Low-level undead, orcs, two variety of Deathwatch Beetles, and NPC Healers make the Waste a great training arena.

Inu's Home

Inu's House & Beetle

A must-see in the Waste is Inu the Crone's home.
Be sure to look for Inu's Rune Beetle, Kurai Kabuto.


See main article: Zento.

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