Sleeping Dragon Champion Spawn

Level 1 Deathwatch Beetle Hatchlings and Lizardmen
Level 2 Deathwatch Beetles and Kappas
Level 3 Lesser Hiryus and Revenant Lions
Level 4 Hiryus and Onis
Champion Serado the Awakened
  • Recommended Slayer: Reptile or Snake for Serado; Revenant Lions are considered Undead; Oni are considered Demon type; Hiryus and Lesser Hiryus are considered Dragon or Repitle
  • Permanent Altar: Tokuno Islands
  • Title Rewards

(Source is Stratics)

    • First Tier: Rival of the Sleeping Dragon
    • Second Tier: Challenger of the Sleeping Dragon
    • Third Tier: Antagonist of the Sleeping Dragon

Despite Stratics, the title "Spite of Evil" has been handed out as well, thus meaning that the "of evil" titles are no longer exclusive to those who have fought The Harrower.

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