A Note From Isham

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A Note From Isham
Weight: 1 Stone


A Note From Isham is a quest item that is part of the Halloween 2009 Quest to investigate and solve the disappearance of Jared the Tinker. It is obtained by first speaking with Alana the Gypsy in the Gypsy camp just south of Minoc who will mention the notes(be sure to say "note"). Search the area and reassemble the five torn notes found in and around the Gypsy camp. The note is Blessed.

The note must be surrendered to Tiny the Guard just outside Jared's secret lab inside one of the mining caves east of Minoc for the quest to proceed to the next step. However, the note has no expiration timer and players can elect to forgo the quest on a character and keep the it as a keepsake or deco item.

Note Contents

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